Liu Lab Virtual Lab Tour

Lab Group Photo, San Antonio, 02/01/2016

High-speed Centrifuge, Incubators, Refrigerated Shakers, and Biosafety Cabinets

FPLCs (GE Healthcare AKTA FPLC and Purifier) and Fraction Collectors and Columns

Protein Crystallization Equipment and Beamline Remote Data Collection & Processing Workstations

Applied Photophysics Stopped-Flow Spectrometer SX20, "Gloveless" Anaerobic Chamber, and Rapid Freeze-Quench Apparatus

QCM-D (Q-Sense), HPLC, and Cary Eclipse Fluorometer (equiped with Hi-Tech SFA-20 stopped-flow accessory)

X-Band EPR and two K-Band EPR/ENDOR Spectrometers (built by Dr. William H. Nelson)

(Equipment not pictured include: PCR, Agilent 8453, Cary 3E and 4E UV-Vis Spectrophotometers)

Corner of Postdoc/Student Desks and office

Hallways and Dinning Area Outside the Lab

A Recent Group Photo

With Prof. Bruce Demple (centered), 2014

With Prof. Stephen W. Ragsdale (centered), 2014

With Prof. Tadhg P. Begley (centered), 2013

With Prof. Robert P. Hausinger (centered), 2013

With Prof. John D. Lipscomb (#3 from right), 2012

With Prof. Carrie Wilmot (#3 from left) at a GRC Conference (2012)

With Prof. Astrid Graslund (centered), 2011

Current PhD students: Kednerlin Dornevil, Ian Davis (Lab Manager), Shingo Esaki, Ryan Gumpper, Beibei Liu, Jing Mu, and James Ross Terrell

Master Students: Calmour Henry and Tseng Xiong

Postdoctoral Research Associate:

List of Publications